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Upcoming and Published Work

Forthcoming work in Strange Horizons


“Missing the Slap by Seven Months,” “Discredited,” and Megaera,” Purple Sparks

“Photographing Rooms,” Joslyn NOW

 “Immune Defense,” Kaleidoscope 

“Trimorphology Sonnet,” “I’ll be the One Who Makes up an Excuse,” and “Laundry,”

Cripping Femme

 “Phoenix”, “Shovel, and Twenties”, Concise Delight

Autoliographyand Bible Truth”, Windy City Times

 “Hives” and Hair Pulling”, Inglis House Chapbook 

 “Incidents on The Immaculate” and “Uncle’s House,” Willow Springs

Bedtime Story”, Collective Fallout, 2008

Post Op, Post Testosterone”, Brother Outside

Conversion/Cureand Reprieve,Wordgathering

 “The Wake,” Ghoti  



“Baby Weight,” Hip Mama online parenting magazine

“Telling People,” Western Humanities Review.

“A Second First Period,” Transgender Tapestry.

“Family Family: this one’s for the kids,” Second Person Queer.

“How Poetry and I Exist in Disability Community and Literature,” Inglis House Chapbook,   

“Threats,” First Person Queer.



“The Kids,” Women’s Work

Book Reviews

“Book Review: Peggy Munson’s Origami Striptease,” Breath and Shadow.

“Book Review: Hayan Charara’s The Sadness of Others,” Hollins Critic.  

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